About Bamen

Started its operations in 2002, BAMEN, is one of the most important textile companies in the world. Producing raw and colored yarn, BAMEN sets the trends in the global arena with focus on customer satisfaction and respect to nature.

BAMEN has increased capacity in very short time. Investing on technology, it enlarged its machinery range which is updated periodically focusing on production with the highest quality.

Our Company is a contributor to Turkish economy with its vision of being the best at all times. Our team’s passion for work, expertise and high tech laboratories enables us for continuous product innovation.

With its set mission, BAMEN targets quality as a philosophy. BAMEN contributes to a higher value of yarn and fabric, continuously evolves and produces according to international standards.

BAMEN continues operations targeting to make Turkish Textile a set standard for the global market. Integrating and optimizing the global organization is a key priority in its works.


Production Facilities

Located in Kayseri – A trade center located in the Mid Anatolia, our facilities constitute of a total of 46 thousand sq meters out of which 35 is closed. Our dyeing plant is a total of 9 thousand sq meters out of which 5 is closed. With its 2013 total capacity of 9.6 million kg raw yarn and 3.6 million kg dyed yarn, we are number 11 in textile exporting companies. Our sales office is located in Istanbul.

Market and Customer Orientated Approach

‘We believe in win-win in BAMEN, focusing on customer oriented approach while respecting the community and the business we are delivering.

With our 400+ expert employees, we seek for perfection at the work place. We constantly measure the current client satisfaction with set surveys and always plan to deploy plans to increase it.

Stable and continuous growth is obtained by being open to change at all times. This aspect brings sales performance above the market averages. Our range, covering more than 100 different products (cotton, bamboo, wool, cashmere being majority), after sales services has set standards high in the sector not only locally but also internationally. We partner with many companies internationally such as Italy, Lithuania, Germany and Russia.

We proudly supply (directly and indirectly) to world giants who seek for quality such as: Ikea, Marks &Spencer, LC Waikiki, H&M, C&A, Adidas, Puma ,Versace , Tommy Hilfiger, Max Mara, Zegna Sport, Decathlon, Levi’s, Camano, Massimo Dutti, Calzedonia.

Leader in Quality Journey

BAMEN, has adopted EFQM Excellence Model in its entire operations starting from 2014, prioritizing quality to increase satisfaction of all of its stakeholders. Our purpose is to deliver results to satisfy shareholders, customers, employees and community while being a leader and shed light to others in terms of quality



Add value the textile and yarn produced in all nature's colors.


Solution partner of global textile brand BAMEN.


Corporate values ​​are the most reliable guide to the future cruises with guiding BAMEN success.

  • Ethic
  • Customer oriented
  • Result Orientation
  • Inventiveness
  • Respect to Nature
  • Teamwork and Snergy
  • Contribution to Stakeholders


Targeting stakeholder bliss and quality as a life philosophy, BAMEN has been awarded with many different prestigious awards since its very first day.

  • 2000 Company started operations
  • 2005 Acquired ISO Documentation
  • 2007 Production with mixes of cellulosic fiber (bamboo, viscon, modal etc.)
  • 2008 Istanbul Office
  • 2009 Compact yarn facility and yarn dye facility operations
  • 2010 Simple Production System
  • 2010 Kaizen Projects
  • 2010 Santez Project in respect to partnership with the University
  • 2011 Listed in top 1000 Turkish Companies
  • 2012 Autoproduction of electricity – Co-Generation Project
  • 2012 5S System
  • 2012 Investment in cooling station 1. Production Line
  • 2012 Membership to National Cotton Association
  • 2012 Membership to BCI
  • 2012 Integration of Core Spun and Flam (slub ) apparatus to current machinery
  • 2013 Membership to Kalder (Turkish Quality Association)
  • 2013 Complete Automation of Dyeing Facilities
  • 2014 Membership to TGSD (Association of Turkish Clothing)
  • 2014 Suessen Elite Yarn System investment
  • 2014 Dual core investment
  • 2014 Pinter Core Spun investment
  • 2014 Modernization of the plant for synthetic mixes


“Only a team committed in continuous improvement will pave your path to perfection. I trust my management and team in that respect”

Murat Başyazıcıoğlu

Murat Başyazıcıoğlu, Bamen General Manager, was born in 1983 in Kayseri, married with two child. Completing his primary education in TED College, Kayseri, he then graduated from Leysin American High School in Switzerland. He then graduated from Philadelphia University majoring in Textiles Management and Marketing. He is also a member of Executive Board for İmtaş İnşaat ve Turizm A.Ş., Kayseri Chamber of Commerce and Cotton Industrialist Association. Targetting to be the first in many different arenas in Turkey, trusting Turkish Industry at all times, he also has membership to TUGIAD and many other different associations.


Ticaret Ünvanı: Başyazıcıoğlu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
Ticaret Sicil No: 23738
Mersis No: 2371 2619 7592 8822
Şirket Merkezi: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 18. Cad. No:3 KAYSERİ
Taahhüt Edilen Sermaye: 108.000.000,00 TL
Ödenmiş Sermaye: 108.000.000,00 TL



Denetim Şirketi: Drt Bağımsız Denetim ve Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Muşavir A.Ş.
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