Ring Compact Yarn Facility

“Our machinery & equipment is constantly updated with investments enabling increase in capacity”

  Thread 100% Compact Combed Cotton
  Ne Distance Ne 16 -70
  Raw Material, Fiber Cotton: Local&Imported (Class 37-38 Fibet), Pima, Giza


Ring Kompakt İplik Tesisi

Ring Conventional Yarn Facility

  Thread Combed cotton, Core Spun, Yarn with flamlı & hybrid yarns
  Ne Distance Ne 10 -60
  Raw Material, Fiber Torsiyon / Yarn Twisting: arns are being produced in knitting and craped torsions  Cotton: Local & imported. Better Cotton, organic, long fiber, Prima, Giza Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers: Bamboo, Visco, Modal, Mico modal : 100% combed cotton and hybrids as 10-90, 20-80, 30-70, 87.5-12.5 Combinations of visco-nylon, combed cotton – cashmere, combed cotton-wool out of wool, cashmere and nylon.


Ring Conventional Yarn Facility

Yarn Twisting Facility

“Bamen promises top of the line production with high tech machinery and upmost quality standards”

156x5=780 spindle capacity yarn twisting facility can produce S and Z twist yarns to service knitwear and woven industries.

  • Production from 2 to 10 yarn folding can be done in SSM folding machine with 48 spindles via Two for One twisting mchine
  • Spandex fiber folding apparatus is available in the factory.
İplik Büküm Tesisi

Yarn Dye House

“Bamen promises top of the line production with high tech machinery and upmost quality standards”

We organically dye yarn according to EKO TEX standards via reactive, disperse, indanthrene dyeing certified by GOTS.

Raw Yarn and Dye Labs

“Bamen promises top of the line production with high tech machinery and upmost quality standards”

We can service our customers efficiently via labs equipped with automated dosage units.

Ham İplik & Boya Laboratuvarı

Quality Control Laboratories

“Bamen aims to produce the best with its high tech lab machinery with the highest quality standards possible”

The process and quality control labs in yarn and dyeing facilities, work with zero error tolerance in line with Quality Assurance and Production Departments.

Accredited Dyeing Plant Quality Control Lab is well equipped with experts and modern testing material. The task is to keep the quality at the level demanded by quality documentation.

Accredited Dyed Yarn Quality Control Lab conducts these below tests in accordance with ISO 105 and Adidas standards:

  • Acid-Base Genuineness
  • Wet-Dry Friction Genuineness
  • Phenolic Blench Test
  • Washing Genuineness
  • Water Genuineness
  • Cross Smear Tests

High tech X-Rite Spectro equipment enables color control to all production batches in round and flat machine-knit fabric. Other tests such as coil and internal and external controls consist of other control quality processes.

Working with zero error tolerance, the yarn labs in yarn facilities follow the technologic developments. The journey starts with raw material acquisition while keeping the standards. Yarn production is always monitored in every process targeting the best quality delivery for clients. The following tests are being conducted accordingly:

  • Yarn Number Detection
  • Yarn Bend Detection
  • Yarn Snap Resistance and Flexibility Detection
  • Yarn Appearance Irregularity Detection - Conic Sheet
  • Yarn Irregularity Detection
  • Yarn Featheriness (S3) Detection
  • Yarn Friction Quotient Detection
  • Foreign Item Detection
  • Cotton Fiber Analyses

Production Capacity




Quality Certificates

BAMEN aims to hold all sorts of certification for its entire production facilities in international arena in parallel with its respect for environment, fit for the whole product range. BAMEN is a member of ‘Better Cotton Initiative’ that monitors the production and supports the farmers in order to produce healthier products. The raw material and side products are selected with care used in yarn and dye production facilities, transparently traceable with Oeko-Tex® and Global OrganicTextile Standard and GOTS® Certificates.

GOTS Certiticate